For many factories and warehouse spaces, a good commercial paint and floor job is highly sought after and needed. R.J. Forbes Painting has successfully handled many different job scopes and needs from countless owners and managers across the Northeast.


Projects have included, but are not limited to cleaning, prepping and painting:


  • ceiling structures
  • interior/exterior walls, doors, and trim
  • steel structures
  • machines and equipment
  • concrete floor repairs and floor coatings


We listen to our clients’ needs and timeline constraints and adjust our manpower accordingly to successfully complete each job. R.J. Forbes employees will work on off hours, holidays, and weekends, performing each job by section if necessary to lessen the disruption of a client's daily operations. R.J. Forbes makes sure every job is a quality job, done properly to the client's satisfaction.

Office / Retail




R.J. Forbes Painting offers a wide range of commercial painting and flooring services throughout the Northeast. Because of R.J. Forbes highly experienced sales team and field employees, building owners, general contractors and retail managers look to our expertise and guidance when in need of painting services in their offices or retail stores. R.J Forbes is not unfamiliar with time constraints and night work required so to avoid disruption of  daily operations.


Our field employees take extreme care with moving of furniture and merchandise, setting up containment to protect the work space, eliminating the potential of dust and foreign debris that can occur. R.J. Forbes offers maintenance contracts to building owners, general contractors and property managers to help stay on top of their yearly maintenance budget.

Government Properties




For the past three decades, R.J. Forbes Painting has provided commercial and industrial painting services to many different government properties in the Northeast. We have built a great reputation over the years and have been sought after for our experience, knowledge, safety standards, and our quality of work.


Our reputation has also grown because we understand safety protocols, provide background cleared crew members to work in these secure areas, and work with government officials to maintain records of job steps and inspections during each job. We are proud to work on various U.S. Military bases in the Northeast.

Entertainment Venues




R.J. Forbes Painting has built strong relationships and been the direct painting contractor for Gillette Stadium and other large entertainment venues in the Northeast.


There are many needs that arise in the entertainment industry that make it stressful for owners and managers.


Reasons for our success in entertainment venues:

  • we understand the importance of not disrupting scheduled events
  • we are able to plan multiple mobilizations and demobilizations as needed
  • our rapid response time to last minute color changes from sponsors
  • our rapid response to damage prior to new events





For over 35 years, R.J. Forbes Painting has been handling the painting needs at different private institutions and schools across the Northeast. In addition to working with directly with facility managers, we have worked through different general contractors on countless new construction build-outs and re-paints. R.J. Forbes is sought after because of the workmanship and ability to produce in tight time frames. Institutional timelines often take place during winter, spring and summer breaks, which is where the size of our manpower and ability to plan and assemble multiple crews to complete each job scope sets us apart from the competition.


We take pride in building strong relationships with these institutions, making sure jobs are produced on time, on budget, and with 100 percent client satisfaction.

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