When the construction of an extension to the Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path was constructed, R.J. Forbes Painting was contracted to prep and apply an anti-graffiti coating on the new bridge abutments to protect the surfaces from permanent graffiti damage. The original graffiti vandalism was abrasive blasted off the concrete walls and then coated with an anti-graffiti coating to prevent the walls from being vandalized again in the future. The result was a nice clean look that brought satisfaction and pride back to our clients and their community.

Concrete Repair




Over the years, R.J. Forbes Painting has evolved into an experienced contractor for concrete repair services. Dealing with many general contractors, owners and managers of different facilities across the northeast, we have handled different job scopes where structural repair of concrete surfaces, spalled concrete, columns, bridges, walkways and tanks are required.


We are experienced in carbon fiber reinforcement wrap for strengthening the integrity of concrete substrates.


Other concrete repair services we offer are:

  • chemical grout injection to fix cracks and voids in walls and tanks
  • removal and replacement of rebar


Concrete repair is typically necessary when prepping and installing new linings, primary and secondary containments and new coating systems.

Floor Coatings




Since R.J. Forbes Painting was started in 1981, we have successfully grown and integrated new services over the years that we can provide to all our clients. One of these services is the prep and installation/application of various floor coating systems. We are knowledgeable and experienced in diagnosing flooring issues and offer the proper prep and coating systems required.


We offer different floor preparations:

  • diamond grinding
  • shot blasting
  • scarifying
  • patch work and void infill for concrete floors


As well, we offer various floor system applications:

  • shop floor system
  • broadcast floor system
  • epoxy-urethane floor system
  • various 2 and 3 coat floor systems

In-Shop Blasting & Coating




R.J. Forbes Painting continues to add in-shop offerings. With our in-shop abrasive blasting services, materials and parts can be picked up, dropped off, and delivered back to the desired locations once they are properly prepped.


We provide different painting and coating services for all types of equipment, valves, pistons, fabricated structures, machinery, fabricated steel members, trailers, tanks, pressure vessels, etc.

Intumescent Coatings




R.J. Forbes Painting understands the importance of fire codes and fire rated coating applications. Which is why we’ve become a premier contractor for the application of intumescent coatings to meet fire code in the building areas where its required. We care and take pride in the application of intumescent coatings, because we know we are helping to save lives in the event of a fire by applying each coat properly and with quality.

Tank Modifications




R.J. Forbes Painting has become successful and well-known in the northeast for our tank alterations services. We believe what sets us apart from other contractors is that our field employees are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the complicated work of tank alterations.


Some examples of tank alterations we have produced are:

  • man way and service port installations
  • mixing systems
  • venting mechanisms
  • overflow piping and systems
  • patch plate welding
  • pit welding


R.J. Forbes Painting realizes the safety precautions and equipment needed to produce these jobs which is why our MOD rating of 0.79 is one of the lowest in the industry. We care that all our field employees are protected and safe and come home every night after they produced a quality job during the day.





R.J. Forbes Painting has decades of experience in waterproofing and sealant applications. We have been given countless job scopes from different general contractors, managers and owners across the northeast. We apply elastomeric coatings to the porous surfaces of brick, concrete, stucco and wood. We are knowledgeable and experienced with repointing masonry substrates as well as joint sealant and waterproofing applications of different masonry substrates. We care and take pride knowing that our work has helped protect your buildings, equipment, and particular substrates from future damage and water issues; and we always stand by and warranty our work.

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